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Dental Care

What is a Dental Care Plan and why do I need one?

This plan will be done in conjunction with the dentist.  This plan will outline the care instructions a dentist has outlined for the client.  The plan will identify the type of toothbrush to use, the toothpaste they want the client to use, the frequency of when they want the client’s teeth or dentures to be cleaned.

For example: a client may use a manual toothbrush in the morning but an electric toothbrush and interdental brush after dinner at night.

Key Benefits Of The Plans

Resource for Medical Emergencies0

Resource for Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency a client’s care plans and case management form an excellent resource for medical staff to treat a client. The care plans outline what care a client is currently receiving and a client’s medical history.

Contains Clients Intervention History0

Contains Clients Intervention History

Plans document what treatments have been implemented for a client both their current interventions as well as past interventions. This assists medical and other specialists in determining a treatment plan for the client.  It informs them on what worked for the client previously and what has not worked.

Enables Specialist Collaboration0

Enables Specialist Collaboration

By having the client’s care requirements documented it also provides the information to medical and other specialists on the other treatments a client may be receiving from another specialist. This means that all specialists are working collaboratively to provide the best quality of care for the client.

Helps with NDIS Claim0

Helps with NDIS Claim

The care plans and data collection process are an excellent source of information that can be provided as supporting evidence for a claim under a client’s NDIS Plan.

Help Care Staff0

Help Care Staff

It outlines the client’s current care requirements. It informs care staff on what conditions the client has and how they need to manage the client’s care.