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About Vicki

Get Organised Client Services was created because, after working in the community sector the for last ten years in a variety of roles and in more recent times working in a more community based role, helping clients who live independently or at home with their families, Vicki found that there was a distinct lack of support for families and individuals in the community with client’s case management and care plans and assisting clients to understand and prepare for their NDIS plans.

Get Organised Client Services assist community-based clients aged care & disability support services, case management services and can write care plans, routines, schedules and procedure for clients as well as writing up job descriptions  or advertisements for carers and can also provide referrals for other disability services.  For all things disability and aged care related Get Organised Client Services can provide you with solutions.

Vicki also owns a second business Essentially Empowered for Life, this business sells Young Living 100% pure essential oils, personal care and skincare products, make-up, has animal care products, has a baby care range and low tox cleaning products and health supplements.  Young Living pride themselves on selling only the highest quality products that are free from harmful synthetic chemicals and are unmatched to their level of purity with their seed to seal guarantee.

Essentials oils provide a natural solution for improving wellness on a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental level.  At Essentially Empowered for Life we not only sell essential oils and low tox cleaning products, but we also educate individuals on how to use essential oils and low tox products for the home, office, car and for personal use.  We provide workshops on how to use oils in everyday life to improve your health & vitality.  Essentials oils offer an alternative solution to clients who may be on multiple medications and are looking at alternatives to help them feel more calm or uplifted or simply to live a more low tox lifestyle.
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Over the years Vicki has worked in a number of diverse and interesting fields. As an adult Vicki returned to do a university degree in Social Science majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a second Major in Australian Indigenous Studies. Vicki finished her degree graduating with Honours and is a member of the Golden Keys Honours Society. Vicki has owned and operated three businesses.  She was an event coordinator and caterer, a café and deli owner, and she co-owned an IT repair business. Vicki brings a lot of knowledge and life experience with her from each of these roles.

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A carer holds a role of great responsibility and trust

Each client is an individual and Vicki aims in her profiles to give the information a carer needs to do their job effectively, but she likes to go a step further and outline the interests a client has, their hope and dreams, and what makes them happy.

In Vicki’s profiles she likes to show the clients personality. This gives the carer a better insight to what is important to the client and what is important for the client. For example: Watching their favourite show on TV would be important to the client but having their medications on time would be important for the client but necessarily an activity the client may enjoy.

Caring for another person is more than just being qualified and completing certain tasks. There are certain attributes a person will have that will make them a more suitable carer. A carer holds a role of great responsibility and trust. My passion is not just to help a family find a carer Vicki wants them to find the right carer.